London Market

Lloyd's and London underwriters operate in a highly dynamic environment, typically with high value subscription business involving face to face policy negotiation and bespoke terms. London also has a highly joined up technology infrastructure with significant emphasis on insurance messaging. However London Market underwriters also acquire a substantial proportion of niche and specialty business through the delegated authority channel.

To address this, Sabrefish developed RiskWrite with specific user interfaces and functions, including:

  • Face to face subscription underwriting
  • Delegated authority
  • ACORD messaging
  • Service companies

We believe it is the best solution out there, and if I had to choose a solution again, I would make the same decision. There isn’t anything else in the market that offers an all round package solution like RiskWrite™.

Head of IT, Novae

Understand the features of RiskWrite and how it can impact the way you do and deliver business:

RiskWrite Enterprise datasheet


  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Designed, built & integrated to any requirements
  • Application management & support
  • Bespoke enhancements
  • Uses a simple browser based architecture for staff and brokers
  • Rapid deployment to internal and third party users globally

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