About Sabrefish

Sabrefish is an insurance software specialist that provides multi channel software to the global insurance industry.  

We help insurance companies expand into new geographies, product offerings or channels to market with ease, with our
best-of-breed insurance platform, RiskWrite.  

Our rapid growth customers include DUAL Group, Nexus and Pine Walk Capital.

Our Experience

Insurance Pedigree


RiskWrite has deep roots within the insurance industry. Working with Xchanging's In-Sure Services in 2002, Sabrefish created a new web-based underwriting platform for PRI, an insurance start-up entering the UK and European market.

RiskWrite General Launch


We began to make RiskWrite available to the London market and in November 2004 announced that Novae Underwriting Ltd had chosen to develop and use this fully web-based system.

RiskWrite Client Adoption Growth

2007 - 2012

Focus on new customer adoption. New customers include WRB, Dual International and Nexus. Launch of RiskWrite Managed Service bringing the benefits of a proven multi-channel insurance application but delivered as a fully managed service, making it ideal for MGAs, service companies and new market entrants.  The latest version of RiskWrite now includes: Multi Section Risks, an enhanced Broker Portal, new MGA functionality and international support.

Sabrefish Incorporated


Salmon’s insurance business, software and staff transferred to Sabrefish to give business full focus.

MGA Focus


Since 2010, RiskWrite has received heavy and focused investment in MGA capability to support the rapid UK and international growth of our MGA customers.

Our Technology

Fundamental Tech

2002 to date

RiskWrite was originally built on a highly scalable Enterprise platform and has been upgraded over time to include new elements such as responsive design, a leading JavaScript framework and a variety of technologies focussed on continuous build, automated regression testing and deployment.

MGA Self-Build Capability


Since 2010 Sabrefish has architected the MGA supply chain into the core of the RiskWrite platform, enabling our customers to launch new products and lines of business across the globe without recourse to Sabrefish.  The appropriate and flexible configuration of all parties involved in a transaction results in accurate accounting and reporting.

RiskWrite Analytics


As well as generating regular reports such as Lloyds 5.x standard bordereaux, RiskWrite Analytics gives users a picture of their business based on RiskWrite data merged with external information such as budgets.  This powerful data warehouse allows users to graphically visualise business performance and analyse data using a business intelligence toolset with an intuitive drag and drop interface. With pre-built performance dashboards and ad-hoc capability, our customers can analyse data across the insurance lifecycle from pipeline data through transaction to claims and accounts.

New User Interface


Release of a completely new responsive design Broker Portal and massively enhanced Product Build capability, putting yet more power in the hands of our business users.

Cloud Managed Service


The Cloud Managed Service with RiskWrite deployment in a choice of the leading global cloud provider environments reduces the need for our customers to manage any infrastructure other than browser provision.

A Global Presence

Sabrefish serve customers across the globe. We have offices and partners located in Europe, USA, India and Australia.

Management Team

Chris Harvey

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founded Salmon in 1989 and then led the separation of the insurance and RiskWrite division from Salmon into Sabrefish in 2013.

Jon Garaway

Chief Operating Officer

Worked for Salmon for 23 years since its inception in 1989. Helped to start up the team that designed, developed and continuously evolved RiskWrite.

Steve Parry

Head of IT

Worked for Salmon for 14 years and has been key in the development of RiskWrite since the start.

Merlin Inkley

Head of Business Development

Background of twenty five years bringing highly technical and ground-breaking optimisation systems to the media space position him to bring a fresh view to insurance solutions.

Kerin Sanders

Head of Customer Support

Brings full development lifecycle experience gained during a career with several leading multinational technology companies.

Tony Lees

Head of Quality Assurance

Joined Salmon in 2007 and with Sabrefish since incorporation - has continued a relentless focus on improving the quality of our software.