Multi Channel Underwriting

Sabrefish recognises that the insurance market has moved from a single distribution channel, typically based around face-to-face or telephone policy negotiation, to a far less homogenous model where underwriters interact with brokers, intermediaries and the insured, in a variety of different ways. The new model offers huge opportunities but also introduces a number of operational challenges particularly around disintegrated systems and procedures.

RiskWrite was the first underwriting system to be developed specifically to support multiple channels:

  • Face to face/Subscription
  • Broker Portal
  • Delegated Authority

Broker Portal

RiskWrite enables companies to create a highly configurable broker portal offering commodity or semi-commodity insurance products over the web to brokers, agents. Crucially, the broker portal is not a separate “bolt-on”, but an integrated part of the core application.

Sabrefish used our extensive multi channel experience to enable clients to be highly agile when:

  • Bringing new products to market
  • Differentiating products by geography, producer, scheme, target market etc
  • Actively managing products, for example, varying rates and terms over time
  • Producing flexible and automated documents
  • Automatically referring exceptions to an underwriter for exceptions

Key to this agility is a built-in rules engine which allows RiskWrite business users to very quickly create or modify products or sub-products. The rules engine goes as far as having an internal scripting facility so that almost any logical action or calculation can be created.

Delegated Authority

Bordereaux spreadsheets can be imported in a user configurable way to:

  • Create individual risks, attached to a master cover
  • Add or amend a schedule of assets to a policy

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