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Novae chose Sabrefish for best-of-breed web-based underwriting solution in 2003

Sabrefish design and implement best-of-breed underwriting platform, to provide Novae the foundation from which they can effectively deliver their services.  Novae Insurance Company (Novae) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Novae Group plc.  Novae’s mission is to provide the London and regional markets with superior underwriting and first-class service levels.  Providing a range of specialist insurances to clients based predominantly in the UK and Europe.


Set up in December 2003, Novae began underwriting in January 2004.  Being a start up business, it was imperative to Novae that the technology behind their underwriting process was best-of-breed, as it would provide the foundation from which they would effectively deliver their services and support them in establishing themselves in the UK.  Novae wanted to eliminate the manual paper-based processes normally associated with underwriting and implement an end-to-end web-based solution that would streamline processes, speed applications processing and keep costs low.  The solution needed to offer them all the functionality to run their business, fully integrate with business critical systems and be internet based – allowing access from any place at any time.


Novae considered a number of solutions from established providers and selected Sabrefish (named Salmon at the time) and their multi channel insurance solution, RiskWrite as their underwriting solution of choice.

Novae outsourced all of the IT development, implementation and support to Sabrefish who provided:

  • The underwriting solution (RiskWrite)
  • Infrastructure management and resources
  • Implementation services
  • Hosting
  • Training
  • Application management and support (November 2009, strategic partnership extended for a further three years)


Novae’s unique solution delivers the following benefits:

  • Flexible product definition
  • Web based assess 
  • Dedicated broker portal
  • Sophisticated rules engine
  • Document generation & repository
  • Secure document management
  • Bureau message integration

In March 2007, Novae commissioned an independent Application Review of RiskWrite.  The review looked at the architecture, infrastructure, source code, documentation and system handover process.  Novae were delighted with the results as RiskWrite came out extremely well in all areas, especially quality of code and value for money.

"The solution was up and running within 6 weeks.  Outsourcing to Sabrefish has proved very cost effective and was considered as one of the reasons we were so successful in our first year of trading."
IT Director, Novae Underwriting

How do Novae use RiskWrite to support business now, ten years on?

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