Global Markets

In Europe and the US, insurance businesses are looking abroad for opportunities to grow their business. At the same time, consumers and businesses in regions like Asia-Pacific are increasingly buying insurance. These two trends are driving the globalisation of the insurance market.

RiskWrite supports the needs of both national businesses wanting to expand globally, as well as existing multi national insurers. RiskWrite provides multi lingual and multi currency capabilities within a single system and enables businesses to rapidly launch in new territories.

We chose Sabrefish to help radically streamline our end-to-end business processes in Europe. We wanted to ensure low fixed costs associated to IT operations and yet increase our overall business agility. We will additionally create policies and quotations dynamically whilst ensuring more effective reporting between our underwriters and brokers, and reporting to our carriers in a more timely and accurate manner. Each of the European offices has differing needs and RiskWrite allows the flexibility to implement different models for each office.

DUAL International

Understand the features of RiskWrite and how it can impact the way you do and deliver business:

RiskWrite Enterprise datasheet

  • Up and running in 6 - 8 weeks
  • Simple cost structure - no surprises
  • Needs no in house IT support or hardware

RiskWrite Managed Service datasheet

  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Designed, built & integrated
  • Application management & support
  • Bespoke enhancements

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