Application Management & Support

As organisations increase the number of mission-critical applications and systems that they depend on, it is not only the design and build and integration, but the quality of the ongoing management and support that has become a key business issue.

Sabrefish has adopted ITIL® (the IT Infrastructure Library ®) the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. This approach to services and support provides us and our customers with a cohesive set of methodologies and best practices, drawn from both public and private sectors internationally. In turn, we combine our own industry and domain experience.

Sabrefish offers a complete range of services, all based on ITIL® for efficiency, effectiveness and repeatability. These service offerings are available irrespective of whether Sabrefish was involved in the development or implementation of the respective application, system or solution. 

Our services cater for any client need, from design and build, systems integration and full post-build service management to pre-paid utility style pricing.  And our service options span every budget and need as our service options include:

  • Sabrefish Platinum Service (Full Service Management)
  • Sabrefish Standard Support (Extended)
  • Sabrefish Standard Support (Standard)
  • Sabrefish Resource Support (FTE)
  • Sabrefish Resource Support (Pre-Paid)
  • Sabrefish Bespoke
  • Sabrefish Stand-Alone Services

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