General Insurer, Service Companies

The general insurance market comprises a diverse group of businesses providing a wide range of insurance products to the B2B and B2C markets. This market has undergone significant change since the advent of direct insurers and channels targetting high volume policies; including aggregators, banks, supermarkets and white label offerings.  Companies using RiskWrite Enterprise are able to exploit the opportunities offered in this increasingly complex distribution model.

At the same time as developing new channels, general insurers are tied to their policy history in legacy systems and therefore need to work with a systems integration specialist who understands and can navigate this environment. Sabrefish has extensive experience providing both design and build expertise as well as systems integration services to general insurers, including BGL (Budget Group Limited), Scottish Provident and Swiss Re Life and Health.

Today’s best-of-breed service providers must be capable of understanding clients’ individual business models and existing business processes. Sabrefish did this, and additionally possessed the necessary IT skills, techniques and methodologies to ensure that Swiss Re developed new systems and applications that delivered value back to the business.

Derek Scannell, CIO Life and Health, Swiss Re

Understand the features of RiskWrite and how it can impact the way you do and deliver business:

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  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Designed, built and integrated to any requirements
  • Application management & support
  • Bespoke enhancements
  • Uses a simple browser-based architecture for staff and brokers
  • Rapid deployment to internal and third party users globally

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