Sabrefish provides a portfolio of testing services and consultancy offerings for insurance companies, centering on enabling our customers to satisfactorily meet the business benefits expected from their next generation of solutions.

With an extensive and deeply experienced testing team, Sabrefish’s expertise lies in the core areas of web application reliability and security, with a particular emphasis on transactional solutions in the global insurance industry; such as quotation, claims, and renewals as well policy repositories, general ledger and electronic messaging.

The following services are the cornerstone of the testing and consultancy services that Sabrefish provides:

  • Development of test strategy
  • Test process definition
  • Test plan development
  • Test documentation - QA plans, test plans, test cases, test scripts, test schedules
  • Development of test environments – system, UAT, production
  • Execution of manual & automated test initiatives
  • Test tracking and management
  • Test analysis / test result reporting
  • Beta testing
  • Testing tool/package evaluation

Sabrefish’s testing services and consultancy offerings span the following areas:

  • Unit
  • System Testing (functional and Non functional)
  • Integration
  • Regression
  • Accessibility
  • Performance – load, stress, volume, failover, soak  (and associated tuning services)
  • User Journey / User Experience
  • Transaction life cycle
  • User Acceptance

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