Systems Integration

With 25 years systems integration experience, we can apply a portfolio of systems integration services that span the complete development project lifecycle. Our integration team can integrate new hardware, middleware and packaged software with your existing business environment and technology infrastructure. As experts in this discipline, our consultants have market-leading integration experience.

Many in the insurance market struggle to manage the variety of diverse systems in their front and back office. Users desktops are cluttered with applications that don’t talk to each other and the IT legacy of policy history often is at odds with efficiently driving the business. Sabrefish understands the importance of performing successful integration and the value to the business. Our services span a number of key areas including;

Read the Novae Case Study: How Sabrefish integrated Novae’s best of breed web based underwriting solution with N-Dex, Lloyd’s Messaging Service and iManage.


We possess considerable experience in a number of additional areas: namely mainframe, ERP, CRM, SCM, BPM, Financial business applications - through to specialist packages catering for specific vertical markets.

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