RiskWrite Enterprise

Sabrefish’s eInsurance solution, RiskWrite Enterprise is a proven, highly configurable, multi channel insurance application ideal for larger London Market, multi-national and general insurers.

Riskwrite Enterprise is tailored and capable of being integrated into a range of other applications that carriers are likely to use.

Riskwrite Enterprise allows companies in the insurance market to fully exploit the internet to streamline business processes, cut fixed costs and increase business agility.

Organisations with RiskWrite at the heart of their operations are able to integrate their business process with key partners, suppliers and customers. Moreover, they can respond with speed and flexibility to meet external threats, market opportunities and customer demands.  As a result RiskWrite clients have a platform on which to grow organically and cost effectively with resilience.  

RiskWrite Enterprise datasheet


  • Ultimate flexibility
  • Designed, built & integrated to any requirements
  • Application management & support
  • Bespoke enhancements
  • Uses a simple browser based architecture for staff and brokers
  • Rapid deployment to internal and third party users globally


  • Supports multiple distribution channels in a single solution, including face to face/subscription, web and delegated authority
  • Brings new products to market rapidly, using the inbuilt product design functions
  • Automatic rating, commission and tax calculations
  • Differentiates products by geography, producer, scheme, target market etc
  • Produces high quality, flexible documents, automatically and in local language
  • Automatically refers exceptions and non standard quotes to an underwriter
  • Provides multi language, multi currency and tax support for local configuration
  • Comprehensive full cycle solution for quote and bind, financials and claims

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