Sabrefish understand the complex nature of the modern insurance business and the changing ways that customers are doing business – moving from a single distribution channel to a far less homogenous model where underwriters, brokers, MGAs, intermediaries and assureds interact in a variety of different ways.

Underwriters, brokers and intermediaries need to be flexible and quick to grasp new opportunities but, at the same time, manage the legacy of business already on the books.

Given today’s complex risk distribution model, insurance businesses need technology that enables support for multiple channels to market, multiple territories and multiple languages. Their risk acquisition application must be flexible to support the dynamic and entrepreneurial nature of the industry. At the same time, it needs to be fully integrated; policies, claims, financials have to be as one. Sabrefish understand that straight though processing isn’t just a nice to have, it’s a necessity.

RiskWrite was developed as sabrefish brought to life these new ways of working while creating complete integrated solutions for leading insurance players.

RiskWrite Enterprise

Sabrefish’s eInsurance solution RiskWrite enterprise is a proven, highly configurable, multi channel insurance application ideal for larger London market, multi-national and general insurers. RiskWrite enterprise can be customised and integrated into a range of other applications that carriers are likely to use.

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RiskWrite Managed Service

RiskWrite managed service brings the benefits of a sophisticated multi channel insurance application delivered as a fully managed service, making it ideal for:

  • Managing General Agents
  • Service companies
  • Cover-holders
  • New market entrants

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I've used other systems and RiskWrite is by far the most flexible.

Simon Aldis, Lead Business Analyst, Nexus

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