Insurance intermediaries such as Managing General Agents (MGAs), binder brokers and cover holders have distinct characteristics and therefore specific system and service needs. These types of businesses are different from risk carrying underwriters and from broker intermediaries in that they have the 'power of the pen' yet do not retain the risk or the premium.

Most insurance applications are geared towards pure broker intermediaries and risk carrying underwriters and therefore do not fully support  MGAs, binder brokers and cover holders.

To address these needs, Sabrefish added specific functions to RiskWrite for intermediaries and made it available as a fully managed service, on a 'pay as you go' model and which can be up and running in 6-8 weeks.

RiskWrite supports multiple distribution channels so products can be deployed over the internet to agents and regional producing brokers, as well as managing face-to-face negotiation of more complex policies.

Understand the features of RiskWrite as a Managed Service and how it can impact the way you do and deliver business:

RiskWrite Managed Service datasheet


  • Rapid installation and configuration by us
  • No need for inhouse IT support or computer hardware
  • Express - up and running in 6 - 8 weeks
  • Uses a simple browser based architecture for staff and brokers
  • Minimal implementation costs
  • A simple inclusive cost structure with no surprises

We were looking for an affordable system that would not only be up and running quickly but had the necessary functions to drive operational efficiency. Sabrefish will implement the new system, including migrating data, in less than a two months.  A fast implementation is critical to the success of our acquisition.

Colin Thompson, CEO, Nexus Group

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