Subscription Underwriting

For high value business such as reinsurance, marine and global commercial, the face to face relationship between broker and underwriter is still critical.  In this environment, the IT system plays more of a ‘back office’ role.  However, given that companies are now conducting business in many different ways and using multiple ‘channels’ to market, many have ended up with an assortment of different IT systems. 

This becomes costly and inefficient to manage and can prevent companies taking advantage of new business opportunities.  Sabrefish’s response has been to develop a multi channel insurance solution that supports not only the needs of the different functions of the company but also the different ways of conducting business.

RiskWrite has a number of key features to support underwriters:

  • Traditional subscription style interface tuned to face to face negotiation of underwriting policies
  • Automatic referral of quotes and policies from broker portal
  • Full control by clients of what is recorded for each line of business by allowing them to control policy screens, validation and calculations using the same rules engine as the broker portal
  • Ability to manage package policies with a single policy entry and multiple risk sections, with schedules, premiums and claims allocated at the risk section level
  • Inclusion of London Market premium message processing

The technology behind our underwriting process is vital to our underwriting proposition, as it provides the foundation from which we effectively deliver our services. The move to a web-based system will enable us to overcome old paper-based inefficiencies and help us provide a higher level of service to our brokers. The knock on effect is that our brokers will be more competitive in their environment.

Head of IT, Novae

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