Business Process Management

With our commitment to on time, on budget enterprise projects, comes an additional commitment to develop solutions that help radically improve our insurance customers' operational efficiency and effectiveness; a pre-requisite in an industry which suffers more than most from marketplace pressures.

Sabrefish's Business Process Management (BPM) services achieve this by automating and managing complex business processes; in turn ensuring strong alignment between business and IT.  

Read the Swiss Re Case Study: "An automated process now checks each claim to ensure it passes user specified referral rules and is able to automatically complete standard claims whilst also referring special cases to claims specialists for review, where appropriate." 
With a great deal of experience in the sector, Sabrefish has developed a number of assets and accelerators that can be leveraged to speed implementation of solutions and reduce cost and risk. This means that time-to-market and ROI are greatly improved, whilst operational risks are reduced.

Sabrefish's expertise and services extend far and wide in BPM:

  • BPM Consulting Services
  • BPM System Integration Services
  • Process modelling: The discovery and definition of existing and optimised processes
  • Reporting and analysis: review of processes and their performance
  • Administration: amending processes depending on feedback received from reporting and analysis tools

Our experiences also mean we are able to advise on process engines (for management and co-ordination of processes) and rules engines (for interpreting and executing business rules), deeply technical areas which deliver significant commercial benefits.

We have dedicated teams and practices that are able to help you today. If you need more information Contact Us now.