Business Intelligence

In an integrated and distributed market place, attaining business intelligence (BI) from multiple sources of data can be a complex task.

Whether you are looking to develop a single view of a customer, or to integrate critical operational and financial data to ensure better customer care, lowered costs, or increased efficiency, Sabrefish's business intelligence experts can help.

By working with Sabrefish's BI experts, leading insurance companies are able to manage risk, compliance and claims more efficiently and plan more effectively. We aspire to make operations more streamlined whilst retaining and expanding sales channels.

We can help design, develop, implement and manage BI solutions in the following areas:

  • Business Reporting – creating and modifying company reports
  • OLAP Analysis – deep, comparative analysis
  • Dashboards – rich graphical reports for specific roles and users
  • Segmentation – geography, clients etc.
  • Portfolio analysis / sales performanceby product or function e.g. call centre performance analysis
  • Loss ratiostotal losses paid out in claims plus adjustment expenses divided by the total earned premiums
  • Financial analysis / statutory reporting
  • Inter / Extra Enterprise collaboration

And if you are a RiskWrite customer you can be certain that BI forms a core component of the offering.

We have dedicated teams and practices that are able to help you today. If you need more information Contact Us now.